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THSiS/NOSP Livestream: Remote Operations-The Next Steps and Future Challenges for Survey Operations

Our next evening event, titled "Remote Operations - The Next Steps and Future Challenges for Uncrewed Survey Operations" is scheduled for Wednesday 19th May at 1900 UK time / 2000 Norway time. THSIS and NOSP are delighted to host the following speakers and presentations; "Remote Operations - how re-focussing the business has helped embrace the technology" -by Matthew Garratt, bp "Uncrewed and Remote Operations - the challenges of marine regulations, communications and data transfer" - by Michael King and Shabnum Hanif, Ocean Infinity "How manufacturers are responding to the growing requirement for remote training and remote operational support" -Simon Waterfield, Sonardyne International Ltd "Advanced Shore Support - Providing specialist support to offshore AUV operations, data processors and survey teams through low bandwidth satellite communications", Alison Proctor, Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. (OFG) We'll be live on youtube (no sign up required) at


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