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Increased efficiency leading to reduced cost is key:
OFG provides surveys throughout the oil field life cycle to enable robust decision making for Exploration, Development, Production/Inspection and De-commissioning  

  • Deep towed CSEM can be used for the characterization of gas hydrate and shallow gas deposits
    • Multiphysics workflows that integrate CSEM with seismic and other information lead to better characterization of sub-surface structure and properties ​



  • AUVs equipped with state-of-the-art survey and navigation suites including Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), SBP, MBES, magnetometers (SCM), geochemical sensors, laser scanners and high resolution colour cameras
  • Digital twin/ 3D Whole earth models allowing engineers, geoscientists, and regulators to extract information and quantify risk from a single unified model
  • AUV non-contact pipeline inspection:  

  • ROV/HAUV non-contact infrastructure inspection:   

    • iCP mounted on an ROV or HAUV can be used for efficient inspection of subsea infrastructure in oil & gas and offshore renewables.


  • Site survey 

    • High resolution mapping of infrastructure (pipes, cables, debris) and geohazards by AUVs (SAS, SBP, SSS, MAG)

    • High resolution AUV CSEM: characterise shallow sub-surface sediment, fluid properties and contamination   


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