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The non-contact AUV/ROV integrated Cathodic Protection (iCP) inspection system enables the rapid and economical inspection of subsea pipelines and infrastructure, removing the need for traditional slow and costly ‘stab’ CP surveys.

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Measure operational integrity of CP systems

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Detect disconnected and passivated anodes

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Measure anode consumption

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Adhere to regulatory authority and insurance requirements

iCP coupled with standard visual and acoustic sensors provides a complete solution for your subsea asset integrity requirements. Originally developed for high-speed non-contact AUV pipeline inspection, applications for the OFG iCP system have expanded to ROV inspection of subsea structures, electrical power cable integrity and fault finding. Cathodic protection surveys using the iCP system have been proven and accepted by major oil and gas operators, with iCP campaigns executed in Europe, North America, Africa, South America, and Australia.


Automated workflows and software, combined with repeatable data ensure that iCP anomalies are easily and immediately identifiable by on-board processing and survey teams. Images, multibeam, and iCP results can be correlated to characterize the anomaly or damage.

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CP integrity analysis, anode consumption rates, anomaly reporting, and interpretation are provided by our partner ISES Technical Services, an industry leader providing subsea cathodic protection inspection services globally for almost 20 years across the marine infrastructure, oil and gas, and offshore renewables industries.


AUV Pipeline Inspection
ROV Subsea
Structure Inspection
Power Cable EMF & Fault Finding


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