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OFG to present advances in AUV EM sensors for seafloor mineral exploration at UMC in Berlin

OFG CEO Matthew Kowalczyk, will be presenting: Controlled source electromagnetic mapping of massive sulfide deposits with an AUV

OFG in collaboration with Fukada Salvage and Marine Co. Ltd. and the Scripps EM Laboratory has developed and demonstrated an AUV Controlled Source Electromagnetic (AUV-CSEM) system for the mapping of seafloor massive sulfides. The system can equally be deployed in the mapping of resistive subsurface bodies such as gas hydrates. The economic and operational advantages that the AUV CSEM system presents through the concurrent acquisition of magnetic, CSEM, water chemistry, SBP, SSS and MBES data from a single AUV in a single pass are clear. Results of the initial tests and development work along with the 3D earth model created from AUV data acquired during the AUV CSEM mapping campaign following the test program will be presented

Looking forward to seeing you there. UMC Sept 24 – 29, Berlin, Germany.


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