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OFG Team & Collaborators publish SMS research in August edition of EAGE First Break

In the August edition of EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) First Break, OFG team members Dr. Lucy MacGregor, Peter Kowalczyk, Dr. Karen Weitemeyer, Dr. Steve Bloomer and Dr. Alison Proctor along with Christopher Galley of Memorial University and Nigel Phillips of CGI discuss the benefits of multiphysics approaches to seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) exploration and characterisation.

Using an AUV deployed with a variety of sensors, rich datasets can be collected and mineral targets can be identified in a single dive without disruptions to the marine environment.

We are proud of our team & collaborators and the work they are doing in this emerging field to understand our ocean's wealth while working sensibly to safeguard our ocean's health.

Read the article here:


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