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OFG continues to expand AUV geophysics and operations team

OFG is pleased to announce that Dr. Alison Proctor has joined the OFG AUV team. Alison is an internationally recognized engineer responsible for advanced experimental research on dynamic modelling and control of underwater vehicles. She is a systems integration specialist with 12 years of experience working with autonomous vehicles. In addition to design and integration experience she is a seasoned underwater vehicle engineer with experience running remote field operations. Matthew Kowalczyk, CEO stated "We are pleased that Dr. Proctor has moved from her role of consulting to OFG to a full time position as a Subsea Project Engineer within our organization. Her experience in AUV field operations combined with sensor integration continues to build on OFG's ability to support our clients in their survey and seafloor minerals exploration programs. Our clients who are already familiar with Dr. Proctor's contributions to past AUV operations will be happy to hear that she will continue to contribute to their success."


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