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Expanding Seafloor Exploration Capacity in Japan

Ocean Floor Geophysics is pleased to announce a Memorandum of Understanding with Fukada Salvage and Marine Works Ltd . Fukada will represent OFG in Japan in a cooperative relationship. This agreement flows on from the successful completion of an offshore program mapping submarine massive sulfide deposits during November and December 2010 on the ship Shin Sei Maru, using the Hakuyo 3000 ROV. Included in this agreement is the participation of Kawasaki Geological Engineering Co Ltd., and JGI Inc. The combined capabilities of Fukada, KGE, JGI & OFG provides a complete, one stop, shop for marine mineral exploration in Japan. Fukada Salvage has extensive experience operating ships and ROVs. The proven capabilities of OFG, KGE, and JGI operating with Fukada Marine are unique in the Japanese market and provide a mineral exploration team ready to go to sea.


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