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Dr. Brian Claus adds to OFG AUV expertise

OFG is happy to welcome Dr. Brian Claus to the OFG team. His expertise in AUV systems complements OFG's significant AUV capabilities.

Dr. Brian Claus has most recently been a post-doctoral scholar at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) where he investigated cooperative acoustic navigation methods using IVER autonomous underwater vehicles with low grade odometry. Also at WHOI, Dr. Claus validated a magnetic sensing methodology for use on an autonomous underwater glider and investigated methods for extending the operational region of long duration underwater platforms to below 1000 meters. His Doctoral work at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada, was on energy efficient navigational methods for long range underwater vehicles in surface denied regions for which he received his Ph.D in 2015. He has worked extensively with underwater gliders, including the design of an auxiliary glider propulsion system which is often called a Hybrid Glider which was the subject of his Masters Thesis. Dr. Claus completed his Masters degree in Engineering from Memorial University in 2010 and an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Victoria in 2008.


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