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DOF Subsea and Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. form strategic alliance for global AUV services

News Release: October 11th, 2021

Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. (OFG) and DOF Subsea AS (DOF) have entered into a strategic alliance for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) services to the global offshore industry.

The partnership will effectively leverage the two businesses’ recent collaboration in the development of the OFG AUV non-contact integrated Cathodic Protection (iCP) inspection system and enable the sharing of resources on several pipeline inspection and geohazard surveys. It will also provide the framework for a coordinated response to the increasing demand for AUV surveys.

OFG’s iCP technology delivers greater efficiencies during AUV pipeline and infrastructure inspections by allowing for anomalies and the overall system health check to be analyzed in near real-time offshore. Its miniaturized electronics also simplify integration and deployment on light logistics AUVs, ROVs and shallow water active towfish for pipeline, cable, structure and umbilical inspection.

Marco Sclocchi, EVP of DOF North America said: “Since our first project together in 2018 to prove the iCP technology on an AUV pipeline inspection survey, we have found that there is a clear alignment between our two companies in performing safe operations and providing the highest quality data in the market. This alliance will also enhance the global footprint of both DOF and OFG through the coordination of asset utilization enabling us to expand our existing operations.”

Matthew Kowalczyk, CEO of OFG added: “DOF Subsea has a proven track record of performing AUV pipeline inspections around the globe and the introduction of iCP into the AUV market removes the final barrier for fully autonomous inspections. We have already worked together to successfully deploy the iCP systems on AUV and ROV projects for major oil and gas operators across three continents and we are excited to continue our work with DOF Subsea to build on this offering.”

In addition to the iCP technology, the shared resources will provide the alliance with a full suite of specialized sensors such as a CathX laser and photogrammetry system and HiSAS synthetic aperture sonar on top of the standard sensors capable of performing geophysical and pipeline inspection surveys.

The partnership will also allow both companies to better serve and expand their client bases in the offshore energy and seabed mining industries with an emphasis on safety, data quality and increased autonomy.


About DOF Subsea:

DOF Subsea is a specialist subsea service business that provides subsea construction, subsea engineering, inspection, repair and maintenance and survey services, which involve complex and challenging engineering in an international environment. DOF Subsea owns a large fleet of modern subsea construction, intervention and survey vessels that enable it to offer differentiated positions with its clients and work in long term relationships, which enhance service delivery and reduce the overall risk. The company’s core business is project management, engineering, vessel operations, survey, remote intervention, and diving operations, primarily for the Oil and Gas, Marine Telecommunications, and Renewables markets.

About OFG:

OFG’s mission is to solve our clients’ most complex subsea exploration, development and maintenance challenges using innovative technology designed to meet and exceed objectives in an environmentally sensitive manner. Formed in 2007 to provide services & expertise for the sea floor minerals industry, we have expanded our offerings to solve subsea surveying challenges across a range of markets including the renewables, oil and gas, defense and minerals sectors. We have always kept our focus on delivering the highest quality data and interpretations by engaging the experience and creativity of all our employees, partners, and collaborators. We bring together expert teams of engineers and geoscientists to design, integrate, and operationalize complex sensor systems deployed from AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle), ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles), USV (Uncrewed Surface Vessel) and surface vessels. We collect rich multiphysics datasets and interpret these to meet and exceed survey objectives in an efficient and safe manner, with minimal environmental impact.


Matthew Kowalczyk, CEO, OFG


Glenn Roddick, Commercial Manager, DOF Subsea USA +1-713-896-2500


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