AUV Operations

OFG owns, manages and operates AUVs. OFG has skills and experience managing deep water AUV operations (1000m to 6000m) for mineral exploration, gas hydrates, and precision bathymetric surveys.  OFG can provide AUV operations and support services adapted to your needs, from turn-key solutions including AUV and support ship through to rapid mobilisation of our assets to client operated ships.  


Chercheur - 3000m Hugin AUV for survey and pipeline inspection

Chercheur is equipped with an unsurpassed combination of sensors, software suite, navigation and positioning systems for extremely efficient inspection of pipelines and infrastructure, pipeline route studies, site geohazard surveys, environmental monitoring surveys, and other seafloor-based applications such as UXO, archeology, salvage, and minerals exploration

Equipped with the Hugin Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Sonar (HiSAS) producing incredible high resolution seafloor imagery at constant resolution over the entire swathe width as well the  OFG AUV non-contact integrated Cathodic Protection (iCP) inspection system for pipelines, sub-bottom profiler, multibeam echosounder, forward looking sonar, OFG SCM, upward looking ADCP, and water chemistry sensors it is one of single best equipped and capable survey and inspection AUVs available today. Click here for full AUV specifications.

AUV Chercheur HISAS Imagery.png

Deep1 - 3000m Explorer survey AUV  


The 3000m rated ISE Explorer Deep1, owned by our partner Fukada Salvage and Marine, is available to mobilise anywhere in the world without ITAR restrictions. Deep1 is a high productivity state-of-the-art system with a full survey sensor package, geochemical sensor suite and navigation and positioning system; forward looking and bottom avoidance sonars, sidescan sonar, multibeam echosounder, sub-bottom profiler, water chemistry sensors and OFG SCM. It is a modular vehicle comprised of a forward free-flooding section, full diameter pressure hull and a free-flooding aft section. Vehicle systems and payload sensors can be customised at any time throughout the vehicle's life. Payload equipment can be fitted in either of the free-flooding sections, with the associated electronics installed inside the pressure hull. Click here for full AUV specifications