AUV Operations

OFG provides high quality geophysics data, analysis and exploration for sea floor exploration and characterisation. We provide data acquisition and analysis services that were previously unavailable by combining our specialised expertise in subsea operations, sensor design and sensor integration with geophysical technologies beyond the scope of traditional marine geophysical surveys - magnetic, EM, CSEM, VCS, and AUV gravity surveys deployed on ROVs, AUVs and deep tow systems give you a new perspective and the confidence to make informed decisions for your offshore exploration and development projects. 

OFG manages and operates AUV surveys. OFG has skills and experience managing deep water AUV operations (1000m to 6000m) for mineral exploration, gas hydrates, and precision bathymetric surveys.  

OFG owns and integrates many different sensors onto AUVs including but not limited to methane, turbidity, eh-ORP, pH, SP, and magnetometers systems. 

The 3000m rated ISE Explorer Deep1, owned by our partner Fukada Salvage and Marine, is available to mobilise anywhere in the world. Click here for full AUV specifications

CSEM for Gas Hydrate and Geohazard Mapping

Controlled Source Electromagnetic (CSEM) mapping of near surface gas hydrates deposits and geohazards. OFG has the experience and ability to do CSEM surveys using the Scripps Institution of Oceanography seafloor receiver and towed Vulcan CSEM system.  This is a proven and effective tool for mapping gas hydrate deposits, and is an effective tool for mapping other near seafloor resistive/conductive structures such as buried and inactive SMS deposits. It is an appropriate and cost effective method to assess gas hydrate geohazards along pipeline routes and at subsea installation sites. OFG can provide 2D and 3D EM inversions of CSEM Vulcan data to produce quantitative models to guide resource definition and geohazard risk assessment processes. 

Electromagnetic (EM) Mapping of SMS Deposits

The OFG EM system is specifically designed to map the outline of shallow conductive ore bodies and to identify the core areas of the deposit.  Data collected over the Solwara 1 deposit of Nautilus Minerals was used to define the limits of the deposit in the project’s NI 43-101 securities commission report. It is credited with the discovery of the Solwara 1 North Zone, which was found by drilling through basalts into the sulfides indicated by the EM system. The OFG EM system has been refined over many campaigns of work and has been proven to work reliably and to great effect. The present MK3 system is compatible with almost all work class ROVs. 

Precision deepwater bathymetry and sidescan

OFG provides precision bathymetric mapping services.  State of the art multi-beam data acquisition, combined with proprietary data processing algorithms necessary to model an ROV path accurately allow deepwater decimeter positional precision to be achieved.  The final result is a bathymetric map of unparalleled detail.  This data can be combined with geocoded side-scan imagery to produce highly detailed base maps for SMS prospects or other deepwater project areas. OFG can manage multibeam and sidescan data acquisition from ROVs and AUVs.

Ocean Bottom Gravity using ROVs

In cooperation with Scintrex and KGE , OFG can provide an integrated ROV based ocean bottom gravity system to conduct precision gravity surveys in water depths to 3000m. 

Interpretation services

OFG is an experienced user of advanced electromagnetic and potential field inversion codes and provides interpretation services for the data it acquires.  OFG provides full 3D models for the visualisation and interpretation of integrated data including geological, hydrographic, and geophysical data. Shown here is an integrated model of a 3D magnetic inversion, bathymetry and OFG EM seafloor conductivity model.  The model illustrates several zones of low magnetic susceptibility below the Solwara 1 deposit. These are interpreted to be feeder systems below the mineralization within which magnetite has been destroyed by hydrothermal alteration.  

Magnetometers & multibeams

OFG magnetometers are a proven ocean ready design.  They are well suited to deepwater ROV and AUV applications.   OFG rents magnetometers and Imagenex Delta-T multibeam systems. OFG has developed proprietary magnetic compensation algorithms to remove vehicle heading and attitude effects from AUV and ROV based magnetometer surveys.

Marinization and integration of customer specified tools and sensor suites

OFG and its associated companies provide custom marinization and integration services for customer specified ROV tools and sensors.