Our Technology Partners

OFG has cooperation agreements with key providers of specialized geophysical services and equipment in the marine and O&G business sectors to provide cost effective turnkey services for site surveys and exploration projects.


Frontier Geosciences Inc.

Frontier Geosciences Inc. is one of the founding owners of Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. and provides geophysical services, technical and consulting services to OFG.




Cellula Robotics, Ltd. 

Cellula Robotics Ltd. Is one of the founding owners of Ocean Floor Geophysics Inc. and provides engineering, technical and consulting services to OFG. Cellula Robotics is a world leader in the development of seafloor drill systems.



Fukada Salvage Marine Works Co Ltd., KGE, and JGI 

OFG services in Japan are provided by Fukada Salvage and Marine Works Co Ltd., working with KGE and JGI. The combined capabilities of OFG, Fukada, KGE & JGI provide a complete deep ocean mineral exploration capability.


Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience provides leading edge geophysical interpretation services, specializing in electrical, electromagnetic, and potential field inversion processing.


Rock Solid Images

RSI is an independent geoscience consulting firm offering quantitative reservoir characterization with the goal of reducing exploration drilling risk and optimizing reservoir appraisal and development plans. RSI provides integrated reservoir characterization services to the oil and gas industry, using data from seismic, electromagnetic, well logs and rock physics analysis. RSI's technology and workflows have been applied globally to the characterization of reservoirs using integrated seismic and CSEM data analysis.


Zonge International

Zonge International is a recognized world leader in the development and deployment of induced polarisation (IP) systems. The company is also known for its expertise and pioneering work in the development and application of broadband electrical and EM methods.