OFG EM System for SMS Exploration

The OFG EM system is specifically designed to map the outline of shallowly buried conductive ore bodies and to identify the core areas of the deposit. The system has been used successfully to map many seafloor massive sulphide (SMS) deposits for commercial and academic clients. 

Data collected over the Solwara 1 deposit of Nautilus Minerals was used to define the limits of the deposit in the project’s NI 43-101 securities commission report. It is credited with the discovery of the Solwara 1 North Zone, which was found by drilling through basalts into the sulphides indicated by the EM system. The OFG EM system has been refined over many campaigns of work and has been proven to work reliably and to great effect. 

The present MK3 system is compatible with almost all work class ROVs. The EM system is typically deployed with additional sensors integrated to execute precision bathymetric mapping. State of the art multi-beam data acquisition, combined with proprietary data processing algorithms necessary to model an ROV path accurately allow deep water decimeter positional precision to be achieved.  The final result is a bathymetric map of unparalleled detail. This data can be combined with geocoded side-scan imagery to produce highly detailed base maps for SMS prospects or other deepwater project areas.