Matthew Kowalczyk, Eng., CEO


Matthew is a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of British Columbia School of Engineering and subsequently studied at Laval University in software engineering. His professional career includes leading a design team for automated vision systems for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and successfully starting, growing and selling a company that developed sensor-based ore sorting technology and services for the mining industry. Since joining OFG the company has been continuously active in seafloor minerals exploration projects and has continued to grow through close collaboration with its clients in the development and deployment of new AUV services, sensors and technologies for seafloor mapping and inspection.

Peter Kowalczyk, P.Geo.,  CTO & Director

Peter is a founder of Ocean Floor Geophysics.  Prior to starting Ocean Floor Geophysics he was chief geophysicist for Placer Dome Inc.  In 2005 and 2006 Peter managed the geophysical component of Placer Dome's exploration program for sea bottom massive sulphides. Placer's exploration project for submarine massive sulphides was taken on by Nautilus Minerals in 2006 and is now the Solwara project of Nautilus Minerals.

He is the inventor of the patented Ocean Floor Geophysics submarine electromagnetic system.

Cliff Candy, P.Geo.,  Executive VP & Director

Cliff  is a founder of Ocean Floor Geophysics.  He is a principal in Frontier Geosciences, an owner and associated company of OFG. He has  30 years of geophysical experience in mineral exploration, environmental studies and groundwater investigations. Cliff managed the integration of the data acquisition and system control hardware and wrote the operating system for the original OFG EM system. He has particular skills in electromagnetic and seismic methods.

Eric Jackson, P.Eng., M.Eng., President & Director

Eric Jackson is a founder of Ocean Floor Geophysics. He is a principal in Cellula Robotics, an owner and associated company of OFG. Cellula Robotics is a world leader in the development of seafloor drill systems. He has managed numerous projects developing remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and telerobotic manipulators. He has managed the development and testing of a subsea excavator to test in-situ rock cutting performance on a subsea massive sulfide deposit. Eric has served as a technology advisor for numerous commercial and governmental organizations.

Peter Van Der Gracht, P.Eng., Executive Chairman & director

Peter provides independent financial and management advice to OFG. Peter has twenty years experience leading companies through  operational build-outs, acquisitions, and buy-outs. He is a director of many public, private, and not-for-profit organizations. Peter co-founded Nexus, later sold to Scientific-Atlanta, and managed the successful sales of IMedia, Wavemakers, and  Ignition Point Technologies. His financial management skills are critical to the corporate development of OFG.