Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM/MT)


Controlled Source Electromagnetic / Magnetotelluric (CSEM/MT) is a deep penetration multifrequency  system that acquires measurements suitable for 2D and 3D inversions to estimate the electrical resistivity of sub-surface features.  

The integration of CSEM/MT, seismic and well data are essential steps in reservoir exploration and development to reduce risk with improved rock property knowledge, geological understanding and reserve estimation. 

OFG has the experience and ability to execute CSEM surveys using the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) system. The SIO CSEM/MT system acquires data using seafloor receivers and a towed array (Vulcan CSEM) to simultaneously map deep and shallow resistive structures for hydrocarbon exploration, near surface gas hydrate deposits and geohazards. A proven tool in gas hydrate and reservoir exploration it is also an effective tool for mapping other seafloor structures such as buried and inactive submarine massive sulphide (SMS) deposits.

OFG provides 2D and 3D EM inversions of CSEM/MT and Vulcan CSEM data to produce quantitative models to guide resource definition and geohazard risk assessment processes. Click here for information on the latest OFG gas hydrate exploration project.